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10 most beautiful railway routes

A long-distance bus is a dubious pleasure. A completely different thing is the train. In the car, you can relax and sit in a restaurant, but it’s a special pleasure to view endless landscapes under the uniform rattle of wheels. For you, we have compiled ten of the most scenic rail travel routes.

Chur – Tirano

The road leads from Switzerland to Italy and takes four hours, although the distance between the endpoints does not exceed 130 kilometers. Flights are made on the Bernina Express train along the narrow-gauge railway that runs along the Alps from north to south. Its construction at the time was extremely difficult and costly due to large differences in altitude in the mountains. The route consists almost entirely of tunnels and bridges.

Going on this trip, you will see Mount Bernina, the Morteratsch Glacier, mountain lakes Ley Nair and Lago Bianco, as well as charming mountain villages. In addition, the contrast is impressive: it would seem that until recently snow-capped mountains were passing by, and now you are in Tirano and before you are greenery and palm trees. But maybe you should not hurry to leave this country?

Tokyo – Osaka

The route runs along the Shinkansen, a high-speed railway. Japan is known for its fast trains, and just one of them runs on the Tokyo-Osaka flight. A train will fly 515 kilometers in two and a half hours. It is easy to calculate the average speed – about two hundred kilometers per hour.

Traveling along this route provides an opportunity to see the diversity of Japanese landscapes. You will meet mountains, including the famous Fujiyama, hills, forests, rice fields, villages. A trip on one of the fastest trains in the world should be remembered for a long time.

Vancouver – Calgary

This tourist route runs along the Canadian Pacific Railroad at the end of the nineteenth century. The trip will take two days, and the first place here is not the speed of movement, but the process of traveling to beautiful places. At night, the train stops in Kamloops, so that tourists can relax and not miss the picturesque landscapes that are visible only during the day.

Mountain rivers, lakes, and sometimes a bear or a snow sheep flashed outside the window – the nature of Canada will be fully revealed to you. And remember that the best seats are in the Gold Leaf wagon for first-class passengers, where the wagons are equipped with large panoramic windows.

Chihuahua – Los Mochis

Chihuahua al Pacifico is one of the largest railways in Mexico. Its length is 650 kilometers, the railway infrastructure is also impressive: 37 bridges and 86 tunnels. The landscapes are excellent: deserts with huge cacti, lakes stretching for many kilometers ahead, hills and plains, where there is not a single living soul.

However, the highlight of the trip is not the desert or the fields, but the Copper Canyon. It is four times the size of the famous Grand Canyon, and its beauty does not compare with anything. If you went the route Chihuahua – Los Mochis, you will see it at sunset, but if on the contrary – with the rising sun. A train for twenty minutes makes a stop at Divisadero so that travelers can look at the Copper Canyon from the observation deck. Two trains run along this route: the tourist Primera Especial and the regular Segunda Clase, which local people ride.

Oslo – Bergen

The distance between Oslo and Bergen when traveling by train is 470 kilometers, which you will cover in seven hours.

First, the route goes along the Hallingdal valley, among many lakes and rivers, then the ascent begins on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau – in a hundred kilometers you will go up a thousand meters. If you are lucky, you will meet grazing deer – in these parts they are not uncommon. Finally, you will reach the highest point of the Bergen railway – Fins station, from where an unforgettable view of the Hardangerjökulen glacier opens.

Zermatt – St. Moritz

The train running along this route is called Glacier Express – “Glacier Express”. Perhaps this is the most beautiful railway in Switzerland, and you have to enjoy the trip for eight hours. It takes so much time to get to the popular ski resort.

Snow-capped mountains and gorges will replace each other throughout the route. The train passes through 291 bridges and 91 tunnels, overcoming the valley of St. Nicholas along the way. Glacier Express cars have large windows, and all panoramas appear in their unframed beauty.

Trans-Siberian Railway

It is difficult to choose a specific route here – the nature of Russia is so diverse that wherever you go, there will be plenty of picturesque places. The total length of the highway is almost 9.3 thousand kilometers. The construction of the road at one time made it possible to travel by land from Western Europe to eastern Russia.

You can take a ride across the Trans-Siberian Railway on the Rossiya train on the Moscow-Vladivostok route.

The journey will take six days, and during this time you will overcome more than nine thousand kilometers. Almost a week’s journey is, of course, a long time, but imagine that travelers used to take sixteen days earlier on this route. The vast Russian expanses, cities and towns, nature – you will see absolutely everything. But, and if the six-day trip seems too long for you, there is always the opportunity to stop for a couple of days in one of the cities on the way.

Golmud – Lhasa

This railway connects China with Tibet, and the first train passed through it relatively recently, on July 1, 2006. The length is 1,142 kilometers, with about 80 percent of the path running at an altitude of more than four thousand meters. The highest point of the route is near Tangla station – 5072 meters above sea level.

Special trains run along the route, the wagons of which are equipped with oxygen pumping systems. This allows passengers to avoid mountain sickness. In addition, cars have individual oxygen masks.

Siliguri – Darjeeling

An eight-hour ride in India will take place on Toy Train. The train got this name because of the unusually narrow gauge – the width between the rails is only 61 centimeters. At least the fact that many Indian films are partially filmed along this railway speaks of the picturesque route.

The landscapes of India are diverse: you will meet the jungle, tea plantations, overgrown with green valleys and the Himalayan peaks. The Siliguri-Darjeeling route is very popular among tourists.

Adelaide – Darwin

The road runs from south to north of Australia. The Gan train travels through thickets, pastures, plains, the jungle, and the Red Center, the focal point of the Australian deserts. The journey will take two days, during which time you will see Australia in all its diversity.

The cars are divided into several classes, the most luxurious of which is Platinum. If finances allow, take a ticket there and not just for the sake of prestige – here bathrooms are at the disposal of passengers. For a two-day trip, this is a significant plus.

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