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From spring to autumn: 5 beautiful cities, where the seasons are reversed

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the largest, most populous and richest city in the country. Of its sights, one can note the Sydney Opera House – the very building with “sails” that each of us has seen on postcards more than once, one of the most recognizable in the world. Harbor Bridge, one of the greatest arched bridges in the world, can also be called a visiting card of the city.

Everyone with children from 10 years old can take a guided tour along one of the side arches of the bridge to its top to see the amazing view of the city from there.

Another must-see place is the Sydney Aquarium. Let it not be famous for the greatest variety of living creatures, but it looks amazing. The passages here are made in such a way that the fish swims around you from all sides, even above your head. And you can come here at any time of the year.

Now in Australia, mid-autumn, the temperature during the day is about +22 degrees, at night +13.

If the desire to admire the fall in Australia is not a reason for you to visit this continent, then here are a dozen more reasons why it is really worth going there.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilian carnival, endless fiesta and many bright dancers – of course, all this is

Rio! The city is so amazing with its grace and beauty that the Brazilians themselves say about it: God created the Earth in six days, and on the seventh, he created Rio de Janeiro.

The city is located on the shores of the magnificent Guanabara Bay, around which there are many beautiful cliffs and hills. Everything around is buried in exotic plants, and the beaches stretch for miles around. The city has many attractions, the most famous is the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcovado, a monument that is primarily seen by passengers flying to Rio. You can look at the picturesque bay from the Sugarloaf Mountain, which you will have to climb on a breathtaking cable car. In addition, Brazil is a football country and here is the Maracana Stadium, which for a long time remained the largest in the world.

Now in Rio de Janeiro autumn reigns, with a very pleasant temperature of +27 in the afternoon and +21 at night.

Wellington, New Zealand

The capital of New Zealand may not be the most pleasant weather, but here you will see unique landscapes. The subtropical marine climate brings a lot of rainfall, frequent earthquakes, but still, crowds of tourists are eager to see this wonderful country, which also houses the famous hobbit village of The Lord of the Rings.

The most visited places are the Parliament Building, the Central Library, the huge Government Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Also, the city is the cultural center of the country, there are many interesting museums and various festivals are often held. Very noteworthy is the free museum “The Papa”, which cannot but impress with its originality. A huge world of all kinds of games opens here for children, and adults can feel the vibration of an earthquake, listen to the songs of magic birds, and also look at the world’s largest ten-meter squid.

Autumn in New Zealand is somewhat comparable to our spring: now it is there up to +16 in the afternoon and +11 at night.

Quito, Ecuador

One of the highest mountain capitals in the world is located on the slope of the volcano and pleases the eye with numerous eucalyptus parks and ancient buildings. Quito was one of the first to be inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List for its incredible combination of various architectural styles and cultural traditions.

The most popular places for tourists and locals in the city are observation platforms because from this height unique views are opened. There you can not only admire but also relax in one of the many cafes and restaurants. The most famous site is called Loma El Panecillo, on it is a mythical woman of stone, protecting the city from adversity. Of course, the historical center with the residence of the president is also interesting. Fans of small and cozy streets will definitely like in Quito – there are many of them. A characteristic detail of the city landscape is freshly washed clothes, drying on ropes stretched between the houses.

The weather in the capital of Ecuador is approximately the same all year round, and now it is daytime up to +18, and at night to +10.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This city is at the same time similar to all famous cities and not to any of them separately. There are ancient streets with a rich history, and quarters with the most modern buildings, and green gardens and parks.

The popular area of ​​La Boca, where the famous Argentine tango was born, will never let you get bored because here there is a constant animation on the streets, performances and master classes of dancers are held. Among the attractions in the first place is the Metropolitan Cathedral, where the relics of the national hero of Argentina, Jose da San Martin, are stored. No less remarkable is the Place de Mayo, as well as numerous museums of the city.

Buenos Aires has pretty hot weather all year round. Now there is warm autumn with temperatures during the day +23 and +13 at night.

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