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Hiking: types and differences

In Russian, hiking can be called in one word – a hike. In the West, there are three types of such active recreation: tracking, hiking and backpacking. Each species has its own characteristics, although they are united by the fact that tourists travel on foot with backpacks. So, let’s consider each of these types in more detail. Choose the Best products for hiking.

Tracking is a type of hiking in which a person follows a route pre-approved by a travel agency. The tourist takes with him only the most necessary things, such as clothes and personal hygiene products. In this case, you do not need to take a tent and food with you, since the tourist stops in specially equipped campsites located along the route. Camping is a place with its own tents and cabins that you can rent for a while. In such places, a person can stay for a night or several days. There you can take a break from the road, eat and find a company for your further journey. This type of hiking takes quite a long time. It is usually related to mountain travel and is the easiest type and is great for novice hikers.

Hiking is another type of hiking. It differs from the first in that the tourist takes with him a supply of food and water for a hike, which lasts only a few days. The tourist also stops at the campsites that are located along the route. A person arrives at the start of the route, walks along a previously agreed path and leaves from its final point. This type of hiking is common in the West in protected forests and mountainous areas.

Backpacking is the most free and challenging type of hiking. This view can be compared to our traditional understanding of the word hike. The tourist takes a tent, sleeping bag, food and other necessary things with him. Fans of such a vacation travel most often by hitchhiking or public transport. Hikers can stop at any non-prohibited point. Their movement does not depend on the exact route. The time frame for such a trip has not been set either. Tourists with tents often travel to the mountains or stop at the beaches. The main thing in this type of recreation is to stop near places where you can replenish supplies of fresh water and food.

Despite the differences, all types of hiking are very healthy. They temper both body and character. This is a great alternative to all inclusive travel. Not everyone is ready for hiking, but it is always interesting and informative. So why not get away from modern technology and plunge into the atmosphere of pure and untouched nature?

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