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Places where the Game of Thrones is played

Place in the series: Astapor Scene

Details: This city is located in the bay of Slave Traders. Its symbol is a huge harpy, clutching a chain in its claws. Trafficking in human beings is flourishing here, which brings a good income. In this city, Daenerys finds his army of the Impeccable, which becomes a faithful ally of the Mother of Dragons in the struggle for the throne.

Place in reality: Essaouira.

Details of the story: In fact, Astapor is the port city of Essaouira. It is located in Morocco on the Atlantic coast. The first mention of this settlement was recorded more than 2700 years ago. In the XVI century, the city began to actively build fortress walls, which have survived to this day and served as scenery in the series.

To get to Essaouira, you first need to fly to Marrakech. A regular bus runs from him to the “slave-owning Astapor”.

Place in the series: Braavos

Plot details: The free city of Braavos is the birthplace of the mysterious killers called Faceless. He is known to fans of the series due to the fact that here, fleeing from the horrors of Westeros, as Arya Stark. Left completely alone, Arya settles in the Black and White House. In this temple, she is trying to comprehend the essence of the Many-Faced God.

Place in reality: Sibenik.

Details of the story: To create the scenery of Braavos, the film crew chose the small Croatian town of Sibenik with a population of only 37 thousand people. The first mention of it dates back to 1066. Despite the fact that during the wars the city several times passed from one empire to another, its historical center is well preserved.

To get to Sibenik, you need to fly to Zagreb or to Dubrovnik. Buses run from these cities several times a day. The travel time is about seven hours.

Place in the series: Yunkai and Pentos

Details of the plot: Pentos – a large port, a haven of nobles and merchants. It is also among the Free cities. Since Pentos is located closest to Royal Harbor, the main characters of the series appear here and now.

But Yunkai belongs to the slave cities. It is under its walls that Daenerys acquires his new companion and lover – Daario Naharis. He leads a squad of mercenaries, which goes under the banner of the Mother of Dragons and helps her win.

Place in reality: Ait Ben Haddou

Details of history: This fortified city in southern Morocco played two strongholds in the series. But in real life, it is not very big, but colorful and with a rich history.

Ait-Ben-Haddou was founded in the XI century to control the caravans that passed just in these places. Closer to the 20th century, the city came to complete desolation, however, recently it has been reconstructed and is gradually turning into a tourist center.

This place really attracted Hollywood directors: in addition to the Game of Thrones, films such as Gladiator, Alexander, Mummy, Prince of Persia and others were shot here.

Getting to Ait Ben Haddou is the easiest way. First, you need to fly to Marrakesh, then take a bus to the city of Ouarzazate and transfer to another route, which goes already to Ait Ben Haddu.

Place in the series: Winterfell

Plot Details: A very old family castle of the Stark family. From the very first series, the castle does not give the impression of a comfortable place. Clearly affected by the climate and lack of resources. In addition, during the series, he is attacked several times.

Place in reality: Dun and Ward Castles

Details of the story: These castles are fully consistent with the image and spirit of Winterfell. Dun Castle was built in Scotland at the end of the 14th century. Throughout its history, it has been used for its intended purpose, and as a prison, and as a hunting lodge. In the XIX century, it fell into disrepair, and attempts at restoration were unsuccessful.

In 1984, Earl of Moray transferred the castle of Dong to state ownership. Since then, he managed to somewhat ennoble. Now the castle is open for tourists all year round. You can get to it by bus from Glasgow or Edinburgh. In the time it will take only an hour and a half.

Ward Castle is much younger than its counterpart on the set. It was built in the 18th century on a lake in Northern Ireland. They filmed one of the first scenes of the series – the arrival of Robert Baratheon in Winterfell.

The easiest way to get to the castle is from Belfast, where the international airport is located. Next, you will need to get to the city of Strangford. And from there to Ward is a stone’s throw. You can take a taxi, bus or bike.

Place in the series: Water Gardens in Dorn

Plot Details: the Country residence of the Martell House. It is located near the capital – the Sun Spear. The High Lord and Ruler of Dorn are often here. He suffers from a serious illness, so he prefers to stay away from prying eyes.

Place in reality: Seville Alcazar

Details of history: For almost 700 years, this chic palace in Seville has been the residence of the Spanish kings. Its construction began in 1364 on the ruins of an old Arab fortress. The Alcazar is perfectly preserved and since 1987 is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In this palace, all everyday scenes that took place in the Martell residence were filmed.

Getting to Alcazar is simple: you just need to find the right ticket for Seville.

Place in the series: Fighting Pit in Mierin

Story Details: Here on the day of the opening of the fighting pits, the Sons of the Harpy attacked Daenerys and her associates.

Place in reality: Osuna Arena

Details of history: Osuna is a small Spanish town located 90 kilometers from Seville. It was once in his vicinity that Julius Caesar won his last victory. Today, only 18 thousand people live here. One of the main attractions of the city is considered the bullring.

To see the legendary battlefield between Daenerys and the Sons of Harpy, you need to fly to Cordoba or Madrid. The remaining kilometers will have to be overcome by bus.

Place in the series: Royal Harbor Scene

Details: The main city of the series. The capital of the Seven Kingdoms. The focus of power and deceit. Each seedy lord wants to hoist his flag on the tower of the Red Castle. But few succeed. In Royal Harbor luxury and poverty, austerity and lust, courage and cowardice are closely connected. All these aspects of ordinary human life are merged together and hypertrophied to the limit.

Place in reality: the cities of Dubrovnik and Split, forts Manoel and Ricasoli.

Details of the story: Since something is constantly happening in the Royal Harbor, the creators of the series had to find several suitable venues for shooting at once. Here are the three most interesting of them.

1. Dubrovnik A

Croatian city with a history of more than 1300 years. Its main attraction is the well-preserved old residential quarters of the 17th century, which abut directly into the sea. If for a moment we distract from the sounds of the modern city, we can imagine ourselves as a real resident of the Royal Harbor with all its secrets and intrigues. Not far from Dubrovnik is the fortress Lovrienac, which served as the backdrop for the filming of several episodes of the Red Castle. In particular, a bloody battle at Chernovodnaya was filmed near its walls.

Fortunately, to get to the Royal Harbor, it is not necessary to assemble an army under your own banners. Simply book a ticket to Dubrovnik. And you are in the capital of Westeros!

2. Split An

even more ancient Croatian city. The date of its foundation is considered 305 years of our era. The main pride of the inhabitants is the well-preserved palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. 17 centuries after its construction, it became the site of public humiliation of Cersei.

Getting to Split is easy. From Russia, most often you can fly with one change.

3. Forts Manoel and Ricasoli

The ruins of the old fortifications of the Order of Malta have long been closed to tourists. Forts Manoel and Ricasoli were severely damaged during World War II. But thanks to the Game of Thrones, they survived a rebirth. Fort Manoel for several days turned into the Baylor septum. It was on its steps that the key scene of the first season was filmed with the participation of Sean Bean. And Fort Ricasoli, thanks to its powerful walls, appeared several times in the series as the Red Castle.

You can look at these forts by flying to Malta. Both are not very far from the airport.

Place in the series: Lands Beyond the Wall

Story details: Cold spaces behind the Wall are not as deserted as it seems at first glance. In addition to all evil spirits, severe and bearded people live here. They live by hunting and raiding border villages. Wild – a real headache for the decent inhabitants of Westeros.

Place in reality: Iceland

Almost all scenes with the participation of the Night Watch and the wild were filmed in Iceland. The harsh climate and incredibly beautiful nature perfectly convey the atmosphere of the lands beyond the Wall.

So, for example, to recreate the atmosphere of a lifeless white desert, the crew went to the Vatnajokull glacier. He, by the way, occupies 8 percent of the entire territory of Iceland.

The camp of the wild Mans Raider was set up on the lava fields with the difficult-to-pronounce name “Dimmuborger”. And the key intimate scene between John and Igrit was filmed in an incredibly beautiful cave – Grietagya.

If you want to repeat the route of John Snow beyond the Wall, we advise you to fly to Iceland and see this amazing country with your own eyes. You will most likely not see white walkers and wild ones, but a warm welcome and incredible nature – without any doubt.

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